[Playlist] Top 7 songs by Bloody Knees

Li abbiamo presentati come una “band impertinente di Cambridge“: loro sono i Bloody Knees, e se saranno il futuro della musica inglese non lo sappiamo ma di certo sono oggi una delle più interessanti e promettenti band in circolazione nel Regno Unito se parliamo di sonorità rock di reprise dei Nineties. E dato che volevamo conoscerli meglio, abbiamo chiesto loro di stilarci una Top 7 di brani a cui sono legati e ne è venuta fuori una roba molto contemporanea, con scelte (del cantante Bradley Griffiths) di canzoni uscite tutte nell’arco del triennio 2015-2017.

1. Broadbay – long term plan

These are one of our favourite bands and this video is amazing. 360 degrees of top class stuff. Bang into it.

2. Superfood – Unstoppable

Superfood’s new album ‘Bambino’ gets a lot of air time in the van and this song and video are amazing. ‘Bambino’ has to be a top contender for album of the year for me.

3. Wolf Alice – Beautifully Unconventional

Absolutely cracking album from some more pals of ours, ‘Visions of a Life’ is chock full of bangers and this is up there. Quality vid too and everyone looks amazing in it. Especially Joff.

4. Abattoir Blues – Sense

This song is amaaaaaazing and Abattoir Blues are a proper sick band. We’ve played shows with them many times and they always kill it. One of our favourites for sure, as a band and as people.

5. The Magic Gang – Feeling Better

This song is really beautiful and the video is dead cool too. These boys know how to write a pop tune and I reckon they’re gonna sky rocket. Top band. Always listening to these guys and they consistently put out good tunes.

6. Birdskulls – Good Enough

The first band we ever went on tour or put a release out with! Love playing shows with these boys and again, they consistently put out good stuff. A long term fave of ours.

7. Crows – Whisper

Insanely good band live. James Cox is truly captivating as a front man, intimidating almost. These songs really get our blood pumping. Great for long drives on the way to play shows.

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