1. Bok Bok, “Island Hopping”
2. J HUS, “Common Sense”
3. Vince Staples, “Big Fish”
4. Little Simz, “Backseat”
5. Lady Leshurr, “Y R U Lying?”
6. Selena Gomez, “Bad Liar”
7. Nilufer Yanya, “Golden Cage”
8. HAIM, “Want You Back”
9. Carly Rae Jepsen, “Cut To The Feeling”
10. Danny L Harle, “1UL”
11. Baba Stiltz, “Can’t Help It”
12. Lil Yachty ft. Diplo, “Forever Young”
13. Swet Shop Boys, “Thas My Girl”
14. Missy Elliott ft. Eve, Lil Kim & Trina, “I’m Better”
15. Creek Boyz, “With My Team”
16. Dave, “100M’s”
17. Lanark Artefax, “Touch Absence”
18. Mount Kimbie ft. Micachu, “Marilyn”
19. HÅN, “The Children”
20. LCD Soundsystem, “Call The Police”
21. Grizzly Bear, “Three Rings”