[Playlist] Top 7 songs by The Coathangers

Tour Rest Stop Pick 1 (Matt Odom)Le abbiamo conosciute e intervistate (leggi qui), soprattutto dal vivo ci hanno sempre convinto molto ed è in arrivo un nuovo LP, “Nosebleed Weekend”, in uscita il 15 aprile per Suicide Squeeze Records. Lo scatenato power trio garage/punk The Coathengers ci ha offerto in esclusiva una top 7 in pieno stile Kalporz delle canzoni a cui sono più legate. Da Rihanna ai Refused, ce n’è davvero per tutti i gusti nella selezione di Meredith Franco AKA Minnie Coathanger.

1. The Rolling Stones “She’s So Cold”

We can’t get this song out of our heads! We are thinking about covering it.

2. Rihanna “Bitch Better Have My Money”

The title says it all…bitches better have our money!

3. The Coathangers “Down Down”

After spending days working on this song when we were recording the record..we are now back in the studio re-recording a new version!

4. Jay Reatard “Night of Broken Glass”

Jay is a classic for us…we are always listening to him!

5. Demons Claws “Always Be My Friend”

Our very first tour was with Demons Claws..they were an inspiration to us! Whenever we listen to them it just brings back great memories.

6. Britney Spears “Toxic”

Our favorite Britney song!

7. Refused “Old Friends/New War”

This is one of our favorite songs from their new record! And we are super stoked to be going on tour with them!