Kalporz Awards Guestlist 2013

kalporz awards 2013

Come ogni anno, le segnalazioni dei migliori dischi del 2013 gentilmente offerte da band e artisti più o meno vicini a Kalporz, tra amici, conoscenti e amici di amici. Un utile recap tra uscite note e nomi più ricercati e sconosciuti. Tra i più segnalati i These New Puritans con “Fields Of Reeds”, Factory Floor, James Holden e Dirty Beaches.

DIIV: My Bloody Valentine, “m b v”

Foals (Yannis Philippakis): Forest Swords, “Engravings”Foals

Factory Floor: James Holden, “The Inheritors” / Gunnar Haslam, “Mimesiak”factory-floor-2013

Wild Beasts (Tom Fleming): Oneohtrix Point Never, “R Plus Seven”Wild-Beasts-tour

These New Puritans (George Barnett): David Bowie, “The Next Day”These-New-Puritans

CHVRCHES: Factory Floor, “Factory Floor”Chvrches

Congorock: John Wizards, “John Wizards”congorock

Local Natives (Kelcey Ayer): These New Puritans, “Fields Of Reeds”localnatives

Real Estate/Ducktails (Matt Mondanile): Graham Lambkin and Jason Lescalleet, “Photographs”ducktails970600

The Brian Jonestown Massacre: The KVB, “Immaterial Visions” (Anton Newcombe) / Pk14 “1984” (Ricky Maymi)thebrianjonestownmassacre

Dum Dum Girls (Dee Dee Penny): Dirty Beaches, “Drifters / Love Is the Devil”Dum-Dum-Girls_784x0

His Clancyness (Jonathan Clancy): Dirty Beaches, “Drifters / Love Is the Devil”his_clancyness_foto_giulia_mazza

Speedy Ortiz: The This Many Boyfriends Club, “Die or Get Rich Trying”speedy

I Break Horses: Jon Hopkins, “Immunity”i-break-horses

The KVB (Kat Day): Icarus Line, “Slave Vows”thekvb

Tamaryn: Ashrae Fax, “Static Crash”tamaryn

Dead Skeletons (Nonni Sæmundur): The KVB, “Immaterial Visions”deadskeletons

Life & Limb (Populous): John Wizards, “John Wizards”lifelimb

Tall Firs: Soft Location, “Fools”tall_firs

TEEN: James Blake, “Overgrown”teen-620

M+A: The Internet, “Feel Good”m+a

Dr Kiko: Factory Floor, “Factory Floor” / The KVB, “Immaterial Visions”kiko2

Soviet Soviet: Arcade Fire, “Reflektor”sovietsoviet (1)

Be Forest: Unknown Mortal Orchestra, “II” / Kurt Vile, “Wakin On A Pretty Daze” / Daughter, “If you leave” / Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, “Push The Sky Away” / These New Puritans, “Field Of Reeds”be forest

Brothers In Law: These New Puritans “Fields Of Reeds” / Porcelain Raft, “Permanent Signal” / Devendra Banhart, “Mala” / Deerhunter, “Monomania”bil

Julie’s Haircut: James Holden, “The Inheritors” (Luca)/ Ensemble Pearl (Scarfo) / These New Puritans, “Fields Of Reeds” / Ensemble Pearl, “Ensemble Pearl” (Nicola)Julies-promo-6

Sybiann: Huerco S. – Colonial Patternsybiann

East India Youth (Will Doyle): Grumbling Fur, “Glynnaestra”east-india-youth

Dawn Hunger (Claire Inglis): James Holden, “The Inheritors”dawnhunger

Younghusband (Euan Hinshelwood): Hookworm, “Pearl Mystic”Younghusband_MG_4321_ByTommyKEarns

King Of The Opera : These New Puritans, “Fields of Reeds”king-oftheoperaq

26 dicembre 2013